Happy Birthday

Sunday's Child

The child born on the Sabbath Day
 is happy, joyful, merry and gay.

Protecting Planet


Sunday is the day of the Sun,
from the Anglo-Saxon 'Sunnan-daeg'.

Sunday is the first day of the week,
the Lord's Day, the Christian Sabbath,
 the day set aside for rest and divine worship.

Our ancestors believed that each day of the week
was under the protection of its own special god,
or goddess, and that this deity ruled the lives,
thoughts and actions of all those born on that day.

This deity also had a strong affinity with its own
special planet, therefore the motions of this planet
had an effect on all those born under its influence.

To our ancestors the sun was the source of all heat,
 energy, power and life and they worshipped the Sun
as a deity and listed below are the names of some
 of these gods associated with the ancient Sunday.

The ancient gods range over many different cultures
and many thousands of years but they represent the
same beliefs held sacred by our common ancestors.

Egyptian... Ra the Sun God        
Babylonian... Shamash the Sun God.
     Indian... Isurya the Sun God.
     Greek... Helios the Sun God.
     Roman... Apollo the Sun God.
   Norse... Sol the Sun Maid.
Anglo-Saxon... Sunne the Sun Maid.     

The Egyptians also had twin Sun Gods, the god Shu,
representing the fierce dry heat of the midday sun
and the Goddess Tefnut, representing the moisture
of the sky, the gentle rain, the mists, the dew, all
brought about by the life giving radiance of the Sun.

There are a many other Sun Gods.

Happy Birthday

The Good Qualities
 of Sunday's Child

Sunday's child has the largest of hearts
 and is generous to a fault, and then some.

You have no time for the petty things in life.

You have a natural dignity which can
be used to organise and command.

Prestige is everything.

Your ambition knows no bounds and with your
self-control you are capable of almost anything.

 You dislike the outside influences which endanger
 your plans but are at the same time tolerant of the
  actions of these well-meaning but inadequate pests.

You are faithful in all things, great or small.
 The male child will grow into a good husband
 to one who will defer to his superiority but tends
 to make an indifferent father, especially to his sons.

The female child will grow up to be an Amazon
 and will make men feel small with her
drive and zeal but will mellow with age.

 Sunday's children make
good executives, leaders, pioneers and writers.

Happy Birthday

The Faults of
Sunday's Child

 You can be very pompous at times, a know-it-all, but
 with your power of persuasion and natural authority you
must guard against becoming a hard-hearted tyrant
 with your loved ones, who do, sometimes, know best.

 You are prone to self-indulgence, watch those calories,
and can become bone idle the way that others
volunteer to fall over themselves to be your slave.

 You can overstrain yourself by reaching
for the stars that others can't even see,
but watch that self-sacrificing, martyr.

Happy Birthday

Beneficent Herbs

Herbs have been used to add spice to our lives from
time immemorial and vast volumes have been written
extolling their virtues as nature's panacea and the cure
for all ills. Herbs deemed by the Ancients to have an
affinity with Sunday and those born on this day are...

Almond, Angelica, Chamomile, Eye-bright,
Heart Trefoil, Juniper, Mustard, Rosemary,
Rue, Saffron, Sundew, Vine, Walnut and
flowers of a golden, yellow or orange hue.

Happy Birthday

Beneficent Oils

Sacred oils have also been used by the Ancients from
time immemorial and vast volumes have been written
extolling their virtues as nature's panacea and the cure
for all ills. Oils deemed by the Ancients to have an
affinity with Sunday and those born on this day are...

Sweet Almond, Angelica Seed, Chamomile,
Clary Sage, Juniper Berry, Rosemary,
Fossil Amber, Grapeseed Oil, and Walnut.

Happy Birthday

Lucky Numbers

1 and 4

Numbers were held in great esteem by the Ancients.
They believed that some numbers were inherently
lucky and others, by the same token, were unlucky.
The numbers with an affinity to Sunday's child are...

One is the number of the supreme power
of the Unity. It symbolises the start of
self-rule, leadership, strength in oneself.

Four combats negativity and gives patience.

Happy Birthday

Lucky Colour


Colours played a significant part in ancient mysticism,
and modern adherents maintain that colours can heal,
soothe or stimulate on a purely subconscious level.
The colour with an affinity to Sunday's child is...

Orange to symbolise the warmth and light of the sun
which provides revitalizing energy on a physical plane.
Orange also stimulates the emotions and sensations
 and increases one's physical capabilities.

Happy Birthday

Lucky Gemstone

Topaz - Citrine - Amber

Gemstones were major charms used by our ancestors.
Worn as jewellery, gemstones proved to be most
effective when in close contact with one's bare skin.
The gemstones with an affinity to Sunday's child are...

Topaz to endow the wearer with wisdom,
good health, sympathy for others and good luck.

Other translucent orange gems such as
Citrine or Amber can bring the wearer
passionate love and lasting friendship.

Happy Birthday

Lucky Metal


Metals were classed as gemstones by our ancestors
and were worn as jewellery, but be careful of wearing
some metals next to one's bare skin - some are toxic.
The metal with an affinity to Sunday's child is...

Gold (Au) is the supreme safe metal to
promote positive thinking and self-confidence.

 It symbolises the ever-lasting power of the sun
 and brings prosperity to all who wear it
but especially to those born on a Sunday.

Happy Birthday


Sunday's Child

 You are compatible with those born under all the signs
 except Taurus, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius, and
with all days of the week except Friday and Saturday.

You are especially compatible with
Sunday and Monday

Sunday 3
Monday 3
Tuesday 2
Wednesday 1
Thursday 2
Friday 0
Saturday 0

0 = not compatible,  1 = fairly compatible,  2 = quite compatible,  3 = very compatible,

You are especially compatible with

21 Mar to 20 Apr



21 Apr to 21 May Taurus 0
22 May to 21 Jun Gemini 1
22 Jun to 23 Jul Cancer 1
24 Jul to 23 Aug Leo 3
24 Aug to 23 Sep Virgo 1
24 Sep to 23 Oct Libra 0
24 Oct to 22 Nov Scorpio 2
23 Nov to 21 Dec Sagittarius 2
22 Dec to 20 Jan Capricorn 0
21 Jan to 19 Feb Aquarius 0
20 Feb to 20 Mar Pisces 2

0 = not compatible,  1 = fairly compatible,  2 = quite compatible,  3 = very compatible,

Your Perfect Soul Mate?

Just use the perpetual calendar to find out
if your partner is compatible with you.

Ps. Don't worry if you're not compatible.

Some of the happiest people I know are
 totally incompatible - but then again,
don't they say that true love is blind?

Happy Birthday

What about your
Zodiac Compatibility?

We have checked your week day compatibility
but are your Zodiac Star Signs compatible?

Use this table to find your Zodiac Star Sign
and then click on that sign to find out.

21 Mar to 20 Apr


21 Apr to 21 May Taurus
22 May to 21 Jun Gemini
22 Jun to 23 Jul Cancer
24 Jul to 23 Aug Leo
24 Aug to 23 Sep Virgo
24 Sep to 23 Oct Libra
24 Oct to 22 Nov Scorpio
23 Nov to 21 Dec Sagittarius
22 Dec to 20 Jan Capricorn
21 Jan to 19 Feb Aquarius
20 Feb to 20 Mar Pisces

Having reached this far in the Birthday Horoscopes
perhaps one has learned by now that Sunday's Child
and Leos are not really compatible with the rest of us
mere mortals, but they are not particularly bothered
about this for the simple reason that they regard
themselves as royalty and we are not in their league.

 But, by the same token, Wednesday's Child, Aries,
Gemini and Scorpio are compatible with just about
everybody, because they were born with this
 affinity to Mercury, the god of communication.

Being a Sunday-Gemini or a Wednesday-Leo then
can be seen as being one really mixed up individual
 with the very best or the very worse of both worlds.

It should be understood that the compatibilities here
are the natural ones with which we were born, but
as social animals we humans have learned acceptable
ways of reacting with our fellows to compensate.

We are all actors at heart.

Happy Birthday

Magic Squares
were used by Medieval Magicians
 to make sigils, a seal or talisman
 which gave power and safety to the
wearer for one's personal protection.

Let us say, for example, that we wish
to make a sigil of the name John

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  

From the table we have

J = 1,   O = 6,  H = 8,  N = 5,

giving a running number of


We can trace this continuous line from
number to number on John's

Magic Square for Sunday (111).

6 32 3 34 35 1
7 11 27 28 8 30
19 14 16 15 23 24
18 20 22 21 17 13
25 29 10 9 26 12
36 5 33 4 2 31

and this is John's sigil for a Sunday's Child.

Do not put the numbers on your sigil as
they are only there to show how it is made.

 Please remember that only one sigil
 is required and not one for each weekday
but it must be made with the correct magic
square for Sunday, each day is different.

 You may make a sigil for any purpose
 that your heart may desire.

To give protection to a loved one.

 To draw energy from the Higher Powers.

 To aid concentration.

To re-direct your thoughts.

To acquire great wealth.

To be the person you wish to be.

The choice is yours, Sunday's Child,
but one should be very careful about
 what one wishes for on this special day
because it may just happen to you.

   make them with love


I believe that They believe in You

I believe in laughter, because I know it's true

The joy a simple smile can bring, sharing it with You.

I believe in Angels, and the miracles They do,

But most of all, in the Whole Wide World,

I believe that They believe in You.


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Happy Birthday




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